Head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov said that Crimean Tatars are able to confront separatists’ forces, which aim to separate Crimea from Ukraine.  He said this in his comments to zn.ua.

“Crimean Tatars, even  still in the process of restoring their rights at their native land, which is unreasonably delayed due to some Ukrainian politicians, are well aware of the degree of disaster that can occur in Crimea in case of attempts to separate Crimea from Ukraine,”- noted head of Mejlis. 

“Accordingly, authors and managers of any expansionist ideas in Crimea must be aware that they will be rebuffed by Crimean Tatars,”- said Chubarov.

To recall, on February 4, the Crimean Parliament decided to initiate changes to the Crimean Constitution. 

According to member of Crimean Parliament Vladimir Klychnikov, in the current situation in the country and “pursuit of power by nationalist and fascist groups, which aim to eliminate the autonomous status of Crimea”, it is necessary to amend the Crimean Constitution and appeal to President of Russia Vladimir Putin for support. 

On February 7, about 1000 protesters picketed the building of Security Service of Ukraine in Kyiv, demanding to probe into “separatist statements of the Crimean Parliament”.

The Security Service of Ukraine has begun criminal proceedings in connection with the preparation for encroachment the territorial integrity of Ukraine.