Representatives of the Crimean Tatar Youth Center, who participated in the 2nd World Congress of Crimean Tatars, are considering establishing a youth ‘wing’ of the Congress, CTYC press service reports.

“We held a roundtable discussion with young people from different countries and unanimously agreed to work towards establishing a youth ‘wing’ before the Congress meets again. And when it does, we intend to present a clear-cut concept of the structure, which is a crucial element of national policy.

Among other things, the wing is expected to ensure continuous exchange of experience between generations,” the statement said.

According to CTYC members, the youth ‘wing’ will be an excellent platform for establishing a national youth movement, thus making it possible to consolidate all Crimean Tatar youth organizations and communicate the young people’s consensus to the Congress’s members.

“We believe it is equally important that the youth ‘wing’ will foster integration of young people into their national representative bodies,” they stated.

The 2nd World Congress of Crimean Tatars, attended by 430 delegates from 14 countries and representatives of 200 organizations, was held on August 1-2 in Ankara.