Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people will set up a tent representing Crimean Tatars on Maidan. From tomorrow, and during several days, 30 Crimean Tatars will be leaving for Kyiv each day. Ahtem Chiygoz, deputy head of Mejlis said this to QHA news agency.

“We will start to delegate our fellow countrymen to Kyiv and we will set up a Crimean Tatar tent on Kyiv’s Maidan. We will be sending groups of 30 people from tomorrow,” said Chiygoz.

According to Chiygoz, there are about 50 Crimean Tatars on Kyiv’s Maidan at present.

“In general, during these two weeks, more than 300 Crimean Tatars visited Maidan. We are talking about organized groups. We know that other Crimean Tatars, students also went there”, he noted.

As reported, for the past 20 days, Ukrainians are holding protests in Kyiv demanding the President Viktor Yanukovych to sign Association Agreement with the EU.

In addition, in response to the violent dispersal of the peaceful protests by security forces on the night of November 30, the protests took a more far-reaching character, they are being held all over Ukraine. According to Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, across the country a total of 1,6 million people went protesting- an unprecedented number of people in the history of independent Ukraine.