SIMFEROPOL / Aqmescit (QHA) - For 20 years, the government can not finish building the school in Yağmurça/ Fontany micro-district that is half-built. Money for its completion is not allocated now. People in Fontany believe that the reason is negative attitude of the authorities to the Crimean Tatars, says "Radio Svoboda". There is an inscription on the walls of the unfinished school: "Began in 1993, will finish never, because it is school for Crimean Tatars" and "School of four presidents."

Activist, the chief of local Majlis Mr. Sevket Bekir explained that four presidents have changed in Ukraine during the school building. He added that this school is the barest necessity as there are 6 thousand people live in Fontany and their children have to go to town schools. 

Vice-minister of Education of Crimea Mr. Volodimir Bujakevich stressed that the problem is quite actual, but The Ministry of Education is not responsible for it. It is the problem of Republican committee of ARC for interethnic relations and formerly deported citizens.

However, Republican committee of ARC claimed there is no 60 million hryvnias in Crimean budget for school’s completion. Moreover, building codes have changed in Ukraine, and the school being in 7-score zone of seismic activity requires a recalculation and adjustment of the project that will cost million hryvnias.

Mr.Bekirov believes the reason is negative attitude of Crimean authorities to Crimean Tatars. He supposes if the school were built by closely connected with town mayor “Consol” company they would have found enough money for it. QHA