(QHA) -

Crimean Tatars Culture and Solidarity Association in Turkey expressed deep concern about the current events in Ukraine and Crimea. This was stressed in a statement available on the Association’s official web-site.

“Situation in Ukraine was being carefully and calmly monitored by the Crimean Tatars living in Turkey and all over the World. Ukrainian place in the world as a democratic and prosperous country, solidarity of the Ukrainian society, ensuring the constitutional order in Ukraine are desires of the all Crimean Tatar people living in the diaspora. Parallel to these each policy and action respectful to the human rights, law and democratic principles are heartily supported by Crimean Tatars living not only in Crimean but also in diaspora” - reads the statement.

“However, declarations of Chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea, which is the main impediment in the way of the Crimean Tatars to protect their culture and civilization since their turning back to their homeland in 1991 after the deportation of 1944, May 18, and some council members in favor of the independence of Crimea and their open invitations to Russian Federation as a guarantor of this situation make Crimean Tatar diaspora very anxious about the situation” – the statement goes on.

“Probable harmful consequences of irrational demands of the authorities of Supreme Council of the Crimea over Crimean Tatars, whose only desire is to live in their homeland in a peaceful, easy society according to the principles of human rights, are unacceptable for Crimean Tatar Diaspora”- noted in the announcement.

The Association also assured of its support in case of threat against the Crimean Tatars.

“It should not be forgotten that Crimean Tatar diaspora will not hesitate to use all means which are accepted by international and domestic law to support their people if a threat emerges against the Crimean Tatar people in Crimea” - said in the address.

“This sincerely be announced to the Turkish and World public is, we are in a hope of the solution in democracy and law within the principles of saving the Ukraine's internal peace and borders”- summed up in the statement.