(QHA) -

Crimean Tatar Association in Turkey, Dernek, has issued a statement, condemning the raid of central office of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people that took place September 16 in Simferopol.

“According to the information we received, the raid committed by the Russian Secret Service and the invasion government established in Crimea being the puppet thereof is not the first insult to which our people have been subjected. It is so clear that this assault was made in order to sentence the Crimean Tatar People who protested the elections held in Crimea and that they wanted to frighten our people”- reads the statement.

 “We, the Crimean Tatar diaspora living in Turkey, have been closely following the developments with deep concern. Striving for that the Crimean Tatar People live in its homeland in peace, we will not hesitate to use any means at our disposal in line with our national principles in case even one of our citizens has a nosebleed”- said in the statement.

“We strongly condemn the Russian aggression, the human rights violations and pressures that took place and taking place. We honorably announce that we will always stand behind our people and our national movement in Crimea- summed up in the statement. It is respectfully announced to the Turkish and World Public Opinion”.

Russian security forces and FSB officers raided the Crimean Tatar assembly Mejlis, September 16.

Police inside the building on September 16 were said to be searching the offices of the Crimean Tatar newspaper "Avdet".

On September 15, three masked, armed men removed a Ukrainian national flag from the Mejlis building.