On the threshold of signing the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union at the summit in Vilnius, the Crimea Tatars do not make any sharp statements and do not hold protests not to interfere with the ratification of the document. This was said by newly elected head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov in an interview to ZN.UA. “Today there are a lot of risks on the way to the Vilnius summit. And we believe that responsible politicians should do everything possible to prevent the occurrence of situations, which could call into question signing of agreement. We, the Crimean Tatars, today consciously do not put forward appeals to authorities and do not undertake any actions, which could look as provocative and which in another situation would get drastic actions from the side of Mejlis. Even those politicians who are radical, realize this and are trying not to voice any statements and not to hold any protests”, - emphasized Chubarov. New leader of Mejlis expressed hope that the EU will appreciate that the Ukrainian society and Crimean Tatars as part of it, can be as responsible as the European. “If the association agreement is not signed, if Ukraine stops moving towards Europe, then it will become more problematic to solve all those issues we are talking about. In particular, the conduct of the International Forum on Crimean Tatars, which is to help solve the issues, and which is supported by EU member countries, but for which the Ukrainian government still remains silent”, - he noted. “Of course, the Crimean Tatars will not give up their struggle for the restoration of their rights in any case. We will continue to use non-violent forms of struggle, relying primarily on our people and Crimean Tatar diaspora aboard”, said Chubarov.