The irresponsible and unsubstantiated smearing of Crimean Tatar people has become an established trend among Putin's henchmen in Crimea.

Well, they are in tight situation. Besides that they steal, they have no skills to govern at all. They carried Crimea to a state of war communism.

And, of course, the best excuse is to say "we are surrounded by enemies." Therefore, the first targets for attack are those having real authority among the unbribable population.

However, fresh-baked Crimean ''bosses'' have no incriminatory evidence against Dzhemilev, Chubarov and Crimean Tatar activists. Therefore, without any hesitation they simply say nonsense. Like street musicians they are ready to sing on any topic. ISIL? Here you are!

Ruslan Balbec has always been notorious especially in this respect for great imagination against the backdrop of feeble mind.

Recently, he has said that the Mejlis is allied to the Islamic radicals, as well as Mustafa Dzhemilev is involved in weapon supplies to ISIL.

This is how Balbec commented on fake infrormation in Westen media as if weapons for Islamic terrorists are purchased in Ukraine.

- Kiev government has surrounded itself with Ukrainian nationalists and Mejlis radicals, thus created the conditions for ISIL recruiting points to emerge in Ukraine. This environment is created with the mediation of the parliamentary radicals, in particular, Mr. Dzhemilev. He has repeatedly announced he met in Turkey with Islamic radicals fighting against government forces in Syria. All this confirms that Dzhemilev is ISIL mediator in Ukraine, said Balbec.

According to sharp-eyed and savvy Balbec, "Mustafa Dzhemilev’s frequent visits to Turkey and Northern Cyprus are not connected with populist statements on improvement of the Crimean Tatar issue."

But then with what? Of course, with the help to the international terrorist movement. Turns out, Ukraine is full of Islamic radical groups.

- Ukrainian special services repeatedly detained Islamic radicals who arrived in Ukraine from the different parts of the world, Balbec said in support of his "thesis".

Yes, Ukraine, as any other open country, periodically detains undesirable elements. So what? All those detained are covered by Dzhemilev?

At the end, in order to complete an image of bloodthirsty Dzhemilev, Balbec told the latter "not by accident surrounded himself with jihadists who have repeatedly fought in Syria."

As like as two peas- simply Ukrainian Bin Laden!

As mentioned earlier, Balbec voiced all this schizophrenic delusions as a comment on the information that Ukraine suplies weapons to ISIL. Yes, such information had place. However, it was only a guess-work. Later the issue was studied deeper and it became clear that maybe it referred to Ukrainian weapons, but those weapons that remained in the Russia-occupied Crimea.

This brings up a logical question. Are not Balbec and Aksenov those covering weapon supplies to the terrorists? Times are hard since soon there will be nothing left to steal in Crimea.

Yury Uvarov