Ukrainian Parliament should consider dissolution of Crimean Parliament for statements made by its Presidium.  This was said by head of the Ukrainian Parliament’s committee on freedom of expression and information Nokolay Tomenko.   

“It is well known that current leadership of Crimean Parliament is “famous” for numerous statements against Ukrainian language, history, traditions and the Ukrainian state itself.  Yesterday’s events, when the Presidium of Crimean Parliament raised an issue of making amendments to the Crimean Constitution and conducting an all-Crimean poll on the status of Crimea, as well as appealing to Russian Federation regarding the autonomy in Crimea, in fact, started political and legal work for Crimea to exit the state of Ukraine”, - noted MP on the official site.  

Tomenko called on the head of the Ukrainian Parliament Volodymyr Rybak to analyze the situation in the Parliament of Crimea.

“Obviously, this is a violation of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, and we need to analyze the situation. And if the Crimean parliament continues to act in such manner, we will have to decide on its dissolution," - he said.

As reported, the Crimean Parliament made suggestions to amend constitutions of Ukraine and Crimea and conduct an all-Crimean poll on the status of Crimea.

Besides, MP of Crimea Vladimir Klychnikov suggested to appeal to the President and the legislative assembly of the Russian Federation to be the guarantors of inviolability of the status of Crimean autonomy and rights and freedoms of Crimean residents.