SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - In a parliamentary address to Crimean citizens, presidium of the Crimean Parliament said that autonomous status of the region is at risk and called on Crimeans to defend it, according to the statement of the Parliament’s press service, Forum reports. "Ukraine's fate hangs in the balance these days, including the fate of the autonomy. Using technologies of 'colored' revolution, organizers of street protests in Kyiv are fighting for power at any cost," the address reads. The presidium believes that 'destructive processes' will affect, first of all, Crimea and its status of autonomous republic. "We risk to lose everything we have achieved for the years of existence of our republic. They will deprive us of the right to speak, write and study in the native for the majority of Crimeans Russian language," the document says. The Parliament called upon citizens of the region, regardless of national identity, confession and political views, to demonstrate joint position on the issue. "Today Crimea faces a choice - to swallow forceful Maidanization or to resist these anti-national and anti-Crimean forces. Kyiv should have no illusions that Crimea will accept the imposed will of some strangers" the parliament said in the address. As reported, starting from November 21 Kyiv has been holding mass street protests in support of European integration of Ukraine.