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“A return visit of Crimean MPs to the EU is quite possible, with invitations coming in from different countries, such as Italy,” said Vladimir Konstantinov, Chairman of the State Council of Crimea, in his interview to Russia Today radio station.

"I think a visit like this is more than possible. I keep receiving invitations from Italy to participate in different forums. Our main task is to convey a message to Europeans that we were entitled to a referendum and that sanctions against Crimea are morally unfair, which is why Crimean residents are taking a dim view of them," he said.

Just a reminder: during a visit to Russian-annexed Crimea, the French MPs said that they did not witness any violations of the Crimean Tatars’ rights and gave tips to the Crimean residents on how to bypass visa restrictions at the EU embassies.

The Le Parisien French newspaper published a photo of Senator Yves Pozzo di Borgo wearing a T-shirt he bought in Sevastopol and saying "Obama, you’re a f***k". "Apparently, Russians living in Crimea will love the senator," says ironically the caption under the photo.

It is worth mentioning that official Paris, as well as the leadership of the Republican Party, condemned the visit, while official Kyiv put the French MPs on a persona non grata list.

Following the French MPs’visit, Russian-occupied Crimea will also be visited by a delegation of Italian MPs from the Five Stars Party and Senator Sergio Divina from the "Lega Nord" party. Their visit to Crimea and Moscow is scheduled to take place in early October.