Yuriy Abrosimov, an official from Moscow region, was designated as Deputy Minister of Housing and Utilities in Crimea, in compliance with the corresponding decree published on the website of the Crimean ‘government’.

Over last 12 years, Yuriy Abrosimov held the position of Head of Department for Housing and Utilities at the Odintsovo district Administration, Moscow region.

As reported by media, Anton Shaklunov, another official from Moscow, was designated to the post of Deputy Minister of Health in Crimea. He worked at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Care for 5 years. Up to April 2015, he held the position of Head of Department No. 1 for coordination of medical and pharmaceutical organizations activities at the Ministry of Health of the Moscow region.

Just a reminder: In mid-July, Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister, offered President Vladimir Putin to bring a number of Federal Deputy Ministers into the ‘government’ of occupied Crimea. The idea was supported by Russian President.