AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - An individual will have to pay taxes for collecting in Crimea's forests: 1.5 hryvnia for 1 kg of the hazelnut, 1 hryvnia for1 kg of fruits, mushrooms, berry and herbs, according to the official website of the Verkhovna Rada of ARC.
Such decision was adopted by the deputies of the VR ARC on June 21, 2013, namely the 1322-6/13 regulation of 21 June, 2013 on establishment of rates of charges for special use of forest resources.
This act establishes charges for pasture, haying, collection of wild fruits, hazelnut, mushrooms, berries, herbs in the Crimean forests.
Also charges are established for walks in forests. The government should to receive 10 hryvnias per head for the hiking and cycling per annum, 15 hryvnias per head for the horseback riding per annum.
The head of the republican committee of ARC on forestry Ihor Katsai assures these charges do not apply to people who use the forest resources for personal needs not for commercial activity.