The arrest of three persons took place on the Ukrainian Independence Day, August 24, 2015. Two guys had already been sentenced: one was given 15 days jail term; the other was fined for RUB 1,000.

Due to the fact that a witness in the case said that she had not seen anything, although she was nearby, trail of the detained girl was delayed.

It should be mentioned that two guys and a girl were detained when taking a picture with the Ukrainian flag on the background of Mount Mithridates in the city of Kerch. According to police officers, the reason for arrest was the photo with the flag of Ukraine and T-shirt with a trident and pro-Ukrainian inscription.

On the eve of Ukrainian Independence Day the Crimean authorities forbidden to hold public events. Some members of Crimean Tatars Mejlis, living in Crimea, were warned about inadmissibility of arranging mass actions during Ukrainian holidays.