On his Facebook page, Aksyonov, the self-proclaimed Head of the Crimean government, urges personnel of Crimean energy providers to be less hostile towards their customers. The increased hostility is most likely a direct consequence of the power outages that have hit Crimea lately.

“I call on Krymenergo’s personnel to be more polite towards their customers. We understand how busy they are but rudeness is unacceptable. Once power supply is back to normal, punitive action should be taken against personnel of those Krymenergo’s branches where the largest number of complaints has been received,” said Aksyonov.

Aksyonov’s statement came in the wake of a Yevpatoria-held meeting of the Emergency Management Committee during which Sergey Shakhov, Head of Crimea’s Emergency Situations Ministry, reported cases of rudeness towards customers by personnel of the local branch of Krymenergo.