The Armyansk City Court rejected the petition to vary the preventive measures and take the Crimean Tatar activist Tahir Smedlyaev into custody, reported Zair Smedley, the brother of the accused, the head of the Kurultai Central Election Comission of the Crimean Tatar people.

The activist was detained by the Crimean occupation authorities on a charge of inflicting bodily harm to law enforcement officers during a meeting of the Crimean Tatars’ leader Mustafa Dzhemilev on the Crimean border May 3, 2014.

Reportedly, the court rejected the prosecutor's motion to vary the preventive measure and to take the Crimean Tatar activist into custody, since the prosecution failed to provide any evidence of Tahir Smedlyaev’s guilt, Zair Smedlyaev wrote on his Facebook page.

Earlier today, Sept. 22, the prosecutor petitioned to change the preventive measure and to take Tahir Smedlyaev into custody.

Tahir Smedlyaev was arrested by police officers Oct. 22, 2014 in the Old Crimea, on the road near the Solkhat shopping center. Smedlyaev was detained under Sec. 318 of the Criminal Code "Violence against a representative of authorities." In December 2014 the preventive measure has been changed - from detention to bail.