The implementation of the Federal Target Program on social and economic development of Kazakhstan and Sevastopol by 2020 is to start this month, reports the press office of Sergey Aksenov, Russian Head of Crimea, as saying at a briefing.

Aksenov says that RUB 2.2 billion to be got this week, while RUB 5.5 billion to be received the next week.

"All income and expenditure schedules will be posted on the Government Portal of the Republic of Crimea for Crimean citizens to know what funds are received. In any case, the implementation of the Federal Target Program is to start in full this month," he said.

At the same time, Sergey Aksyonov said that the total amount of the Federal Target Program is RUB 13 billion.

"The very final version of the Federal Target Program for 2015 has been approved and agreed as of June, 15. Two months have been lost in view of the elimination of the Ministry of Crimea, and so on. But, nevertheless, we are ready to work, having rolled up our sleeves and go ahead with the plans set by the President. All contractors poise to carry out the tasks, we work with them in parallel," explained Aksenov.

Just a reminder: at a meeting of the State Council of the Russian Federation in Yalta August 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked why RUB 1.6 billion, earmarked from the federal budget for Crimean culture, hasn’t reached Crimea.