Russian occupants in Crimea want to prevent an extraordinary terrorist threat that, according to them, is posed by Ukraine, said Zaur Smirnov, the Head of the Committee on International Relations and Deported Citizens.

- Ukraine is actually strengthening the terrorist organizations on the Crimean border. In that situation we are forced to strengthen our work on combating extremism, Smirnov said to RIA Novosti.

Therefore, they will work out a program that, according to the occupants, will eliminate the imaginary extremism, more correctly the spread of its ideology on the peninsula. The occupants are going to engage major government departments and, of course, the law enforcement agencies.

- All data on the manifestations of extremist ideas will be transmitted to the law enforcement agencies for a quick reaction and legal assessment, said Smirnov.

Thus, the occupation authorities will be able to have more control over the different media, as well as to carry out "preventive works" among pupils and students. The program will be financed by the Russian federal budget.