(QHA) -

Russian Culture Ministry to consult with the Foreign Ministry's branch of the UNESCO secretariat to discuss the best way to protect the UNESCO heritage sites in Crimea during the ongoing governmental transition, RIA Novosti reported.

The statement was in response to appeals made by the Ukrainian government to UNESCO that cultural sites in Crimea be protected during the ongoing turmoil and transition in government.

Vladimir Tsvetnov, director of the Culture Ministry's department of cultural preservation, said that "Crimea is a part of Russia, and all monuments will be preserved.

The 38th session of UNESCO World Heritage Committee to take place in Qatar in June.

Crimean ancient town Khersones, located hereabouts Sevastopol, was given the status of World Heritage Site on June 23 2013 during the 37th session of UNESCO committee in Cambodia. 

Bakchisaray historical and cultural preserve has also applied to UNESCO for including to UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.