Spiritual leaders of Crimea—Crimean mufti Emirali Ablaev and Metropolitan of Crimea Lazar—has met in Simferopol to discuss issues related to religious life of Crimeans as well as interethnic peace in the region, press service of Muftiyat informs.

Among the issues, which concern both Christians and Muslims of Crimea, there is an issue of registration of religious communities in the region, following Crimea’s unification with Russia. In this regard, the spiritual leaders made a common decision to appeal to Crimean head Sergey Aksyonov, to initiate extending of the period for Crimea’s legal entities to register within the Russian legislation.

The leaders also discussed the issue of public utilities and its prices for religious communities, which turned to be very high for the communities in the recent months.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine and was annexed by Russia in March, following a local referendum on the region’s status.

Following Crimea’s unification with Russia, inflation in the region has reached 42.5 percent in 2014, according to Crimean State Statistics Service.

Food prices in Crimea have raised 52.9 percent over the course of the year, as the only mean to connect the peninsula with the mainland Russia is Kerch ferry, which regulary suspends its work over the weather conditions.

The cost of services in Crimea has climbed 27 percent through 2014, according to official data.