SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Crimea in all situations has been and remains the territory of stability and harmony, an example for other Ukrainian regions on maintaining peace. This was said by Crimean Prime Minister Anatoly Mogilev in an interview to ATR channel. Mogilev thanked all Crimeans for tolerance and understanding that peace in the region is a value which needs to be appreciated and maintained, while extremism in all its forms should be rebuffed. Mogilev noted that some politicians are trying to incite strife in Crimea. But thanks to Crimeans such efforts remain at the level of attempts: “I once again appeal to Crimeans: the peace that we have is the merit of all Crimeans. And we should be immune to all destructive forces that are trying to ignite the fire on the peninsula. Any issue that arises in Crimea can be discussed and solved at the negotiating table”. “Everyone understands that forceful intervention will not lead to anything good. Blowing up conflict is definitely not in the interest of the authorities and the President of Ukraine”.