In order to somehow explain the today's illegal searches in the homes of Crimean Tatars, the so-called “prosecutor of Crimea" Natalia Poklonskaya, used the fight against illegal migrants as a "cover."

“In Simferopol district, officers of the Center for Counteraction to Extremism of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Crimea carried out six searches, during which about 20 citizens of Uzbekistan were revealed. At present they are kept in the police station with false documents that provide the right to stay in the Russian Federation,” she said.

According to Russian legislation, those found responsible for harboring illegal immigrants can be imposed steep fines on. And now, “under the guise” of Migration Service, the FSB can break into hotels and restaurants for inspections.

“According to the information available, the today’s raids on Kamenka residential area in Simferopol were carried out as part of fight against illegal migrants.

So, Timur Osmanov, Hayser Khalilov and Arthur Haltaev conducting joint business could allegedly employ irregular migrants.

This is an administrative case, and the maximum penalty one can face is steep fines. Such searches can occur in food outlets and hotels,” Nariman Jelal, First Deputy Chairman of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, posted on his Facebook page.

On the morning of May 26, police raided the houses of three Crimean Tatars - Timur Osmanov, Heiser Khalilov and Arthur Haltaev. In particular, Timur Osmanov was arrested and taken to the ‘E’ Center for interrogation. It is also reported that the raids are carried out on shopping sites collectively owned by suspected Crimean Tatars.