Crimea: Party of Regions ‘flip-flopped’ to United Russia par

Bags that were previously used in the election campaign of the Party of Regions have been handed out to agitators of United Russia political party.

5 September 2016 10:45

During the election campaign, which is ongoing now in the occupied Crimea, the agitators have received bags with the logo "United Russia". As it turned out, these bags were previously used by the Party of Regions.

A Facebook user Nikita Grazhdanko has released the corresponding video.

“The masters of disguise. Such miracles occur in our Saki! Such bags have been handed out to agitators from the United Russia!” he wrote.

“Well, Let nothing be wasted ,” mock the commentators.

Reportedly, people in Feodosia are forced to celebrate the "United Russia" Day. All labor groups must appear on the "holiday" with flags of the Russian Federation.

PHOTO, VIDEO: Internet