(QHA) -

Crimean authorities has nationalized the property of a local branch of Ukrainian telecom operator Ukrtelecom-- the major Ukrainian private telecommunication company belonging to Ukrainian tycoon Rinat Akhmetov, which held the monopoly over landline telephone services in the region. 

This comes a day after Ukrtelecom shut down its operations in Crimea due to an attack on its local branch office, Natalia Yemchenko, the director of Public Relations and Communications at SCM, the owner of Ukrtelecom, wrote on Tuesday in a posting on her page in social media.

The region’s head Sergei Aksyonov put the matter to a vote, and a return of strategic property of the Crimean enterprise, which was sold into private hands when the area was a part of Ukraine, was favored unanimously by 65 deputies.

“Moveable and immovable property of the Crimean branch of the public joint stock company Ukrtelecom, located on the territory of the republic of Crimea, consisting of non-current assets, including intangible ones, and current assets, which were on its balance and off-balance accounts as of March 17, 2014, are included in the list of property owned by the republic of Crimea,”- reads the statement.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine and was annexed by Russia in March, following a local referendum on the region’s status, which was condemned as illegitimate by US, UN and other countries.