Crimea is ready for possible transport and food blockade on the part of Ukraine, Tuesday, the Head of Russia-occupied Crimea Sergey Aksenov told the RIA Novosti reporters.

At Tuesday press conference in Kiev, the Ukrainian MPs Refat Chubarov and Mustafa Dzhemilev reported about arrangements for Ukraine-Crimea border blockade made to suspend deliveries of food and other goods in Crimea. According to MPs, the Crimean Tatars’ initiative group and Ukrainian patriots are going to participate in the action.

"Crimea has always been ready for such a scenario. We do not want to break the economic ties between Ukrainian and Crimea companies, as many of them have multiannual contracts. Nationalists, as always, are ready to do harm to the country, but we are ready for this," said Aksenov.

According to him, Kerch ferry line works reliably, and all the traffic can be redirected to it. Aksenov also stated the blockade being unprofitable, first of all, for Ukraine’s citizens, in particular from Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.

In late April at a meeting on the Crimea’s economic development, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the dependence of the peninsula on some groups of products reaches 40%. He noted the need to continue the work to reduce this dependence on imported goods, Ukrainian products being also placed into this group.

As of now, the peninsula provides itself with its own electricity by 30%. To increase this independence from Ukraine’s energy supplies, it’s planned to put into operation the first set of the Crimea-Kuban 300 MW energy bridge by the end of the year. Currently Crimea consumes about 900 MW, while flows from Ukraine constitute 700 MW. The second set will increase the power flow to 800-840 MW.

Ukraine provided 85% of Crimea’s needs in the fresh water via North Crimean Canal, flowing from the Dnieper. This water was used mainly for farmland irrigation. After the Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the water supply via channel has been completely stopped. As Crimean authorities stated, currently Crimea fully meets its needs in drinking water due to weather conditions and activities on Crimea’s water transfer.

Just a reminder: the Crimean Tatars’ initiative group and Ukraine’s patriots announced the arrangements of a peaceful Ukraine-Crimea border blockade caused by continuous reprisals to the Crimean Tatar people and other nations residing in Crimea.