At the extraordinary plenary meeting on March 17, the Crimean Parliament adopted a resolution “On the independence of Crimea”, informs press service of the Parliament.

The resolution proclaims Crimea an independent sovereign state-the Republic of Crimea, in which the city of Sevastopol has a special status.

The resolution appeals to the United Nations and world countries to recognize the independent state, created by Crimean people.

Among other things, the resolution revokes the applicability of Ukrainian legislation in Crimea and the activity of Ukraine’s state bodies on the territory of Crimea.  The powers, property and funds of these bodies are transferred to the state bodies of the Republic of Crimea, which are defined by the Crimean government.

The Republic of Crimea in the face of the Parliament of Crimea appeals to the Russian Federation with a proposal for the adoption of the republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation as a new subject of Russian Federation with the status of republic.