(QHA) -

Crimea increased unauthorized water withdrawal from the North Crimean Canal.

Last week it was 13.8 cubic meters/second, as of Monday, April 28 - 18.7 cubic meters/second, the State Agency for Water Resources of Ukraine said in a statement, Ukrinform reported.

"As of April 28 the unauthorized withdrawal of water is taking place in Crimea from the North Crimean Canal via the blocking construction No. 2 with flow rate of 11.1 cubic meters/second, and via the blocking construction No. 3 - 7.6 cubic meters/second," - the report reads.

It is reported that the North Crimean Canal Department still has not received specific proposals on the conclusion of the contractual relationship regarding water supply of Crimea.

As reported earlier, Crimea accused Ukraine of closing sluices of the North Crimean Canal, halting water supply from the Dnieper River to the peninsula.

Crimea received 85% of fresh water through the canal, which was built in 1961-1971. It streches from the Khakhovka Reservoir to Kerch.