(QHA) -

First parliamentary elections were held in Crimea September 14. This has been the first time Crimea voted as a Russian territory, following Crimean annexation by Russia in March.

Over 1.5 million registered voters have elected 75 MPs to the Crimean State Council (Parliament), of whom 50 elected on party lists and 25 in majority constituencies.

Some 2,497 residents of Crimea have been excluded from electoral lists as they earlier signed applications for retaining Ukrainian citizenship. They will not be able to take part in the vote, Itar-Tass informed.

On Sunday, citizens of Crimea and Sevastopol were also electing all the local authorities.

September 14 is the single all-Russian voting day on which Russia sees about 6,000 local elections at different levels, including the elections of 30 out of 85 heads of Russian regions and 14 regional parliaments.