(QHA) -

Charitable organization “Crimea Fund” has given back Ibraim Araci—head of Crimean Tatar cultural center of Kocaeli (Turkey)—100,000 dollars, allocated by Araci in 2011 to buy Crimean Tatar cultural center.

Riza Shevkiyev said this to QHA News Agency.

“This money were given back, because Mr. Araci has caused a political scandal on the issue”- Shevkiev said.

According to Shevkiev, allocated money was not enough for the cultural center, so it was put on currency account.

“Money was not enough, we needed 350,000 dollars, still failed to find it. His [Araci’s- ed.] money was not used, we put it on currency account”- Shevkiyev explained.