(QHA) -

Crimean Ministry of Tourism announced launching of Crimea-Turkey liner service in April, press service of the Ministry reported.

“Adriana” cruise liner to operate Yalta-Istanbul-Yalta voyage, the schedule has already been made out. The one-way voyage to take around 36 hours.

“The liner will leave Crimean port on Saturday, 2100 (local time). It will arrive to Istanbul Monday 0800 a.m. It will stay in Istanbul for three days and then will leave for Crimea on Friday- reads the statement of the Ministry. The schedule, however, may be changed”.

Deputy Minister of Tourism of Crimea Olga Burova pointed out the importance of Crimea-Turkey route.

“We are interested in transport communication between Turkey and Crimea. Together with our tourist agencies we are ready to organize special tours, adopted for the “Adriana” schedule for Turkish tourists to visit Crimea”- Burova said.

‘Adriana’ liner reportedly belongs to Saint Kitts & Nevis, country on the east coast of Caribbean.

Following Crimean annexation, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has ordered Turkey’s Transport Ministry not to allow Crimean ships without a sign “Ukraine” to Turkish ports. Still, the fact that ‘Adriana’ belongs to Saint Kitts & Nevis’s reportedly allows the liner to operate voyages to Crimea.