Crimean Parliament, on June 4, adopted a decree to provide guarantees to peoples, that were deported on ethic basis in 1941-1944 from Crimean Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic.

The adopted decree will provide social protection to Crimean Tatars, Armenians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Germans, along with their families and children that were born in exile.

The document allows realization of decree, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 21 to rehabilitate  Armenian, Bulgarian, Greek, Crimean Tatar and German peoples.

As Crimean MP Lentun Bezaziyev reported, the decree provides different kinds of one-time dowries to repatriates.

Earlier, Putin noted that the decree,signed April 21 related to the vital issue of property registration, including the registration of land sites.

"All work on the economic rehabilitation, let's call it that, will take place on the basis of the federal program on the development of Crimea adopted by the government of the Russian Federation," - Putin said, adding that the part of the program dealing with the support of the Crimean Tatars should be significant and specific.