Court to hand down sentence to Nadezhda Savchenko March 21

A Ukrainian pilot showed up in the court and had her last word. She promised to resume a dry hunger strike 10 days after the verdict is announced.

9 March 2016 12:47

According to on-the-spot reporters, Nadezhda Savchenko was taken to the court today, March 9, around 10 am.

Before the start of the court session the camera crews faced some problems. According to a reporter with Radio Liberty, only those who were "on the list" were allowed to come into the hall. The "First Channel," "Russia" and "The Star" TV Channels appeared to be on the list. The rest of the journalists had to watch the trial on the screens installed in a press room.

In the courtroom Nadezhda Savchenko had her last word:

- Russia is a third world country with a totalitarian regime that does not respect human rights and international law ... I think it is waste of time to take part in the hearing. 10 days after the verdict is announced I will continue the hunger strike until I am released. I call on Poroshenko, who promised my mother to get me back in the spring of last year, to hold talks on my return with the Russian authorities.

The QHA earlier published a full text of Savchenko’s last word.

According to the journalists, in the middle of her speech Savchenko stood on the bench and showed the judges an obscene gesture:

A lawyer Nikolai Polozov reported on Twitter, that all those present in the court were singing the Ukrainian National Anthem along with Nadezhda Savchenko.

- Nadiya is singing the Ukrainian National Anthem in the Donetsk City Court of Rostov region, so does the court room. It’s unbelievable! he wrote.

Photo: Internet