The Kremlin-controlled Simferopol’s Kiev District Court extended the arrest of Crimean political prisoners Enver Bekirov, Muslum Aliyev, Emir-Useinov Kuku and Vadim Siruk for three months, the Head of the Qurultai Central Election Commission Zair Smedlyaev reports.

“Despite the approaching iftar, the trial continues.The detention period for Emir-Useinov Kuku, Vadim Siruk and Enver Bekirov has been extended until September 8, 2016. I do not understand why they need to waste so much time to read out almost similar decisions!” Smedlyaev wrote on Facebook.

Later on, Zair Smedlyaev told a QHA correspondent that Muslum Aliyev’s detention period was extended until September 8, as well.

Thus, the Kremlin-controlled judges left in custody all four Muslims.

Arrests, disappearances and murders of the Crimean Tatars became common practice in the Crimea after its annexation by Russia in March 2014. International human rights groups record the growth of repression against the Crimean Tatars on the peninsula.