The Ukrainian Information Ministry has stepped forward with an initiative for creation of a new multimedia platform.

The platform, to operate in Asia, the United States and Europe, will provide coverage of the situation in the ATO area and Crimea, as well as target Ukrainians living abroad and being on holidays in Egypt ant Turkey,” said Yurii Stets, Information Policy Minister of Ukraine.

“The new project, focusing on raising awareness among potential investors, tourists, industrialists and international representatives of the attractiveness of Ukraine, will be run by journalists, not government officials. Mobile applications for tablets and smartphones of major brands will be designed to introduce Ukraine to international audience,” Yurii Stets noted.

According to him, the new project will also be targeting Crimean Tatars by providing interesting information concerning them and Crimea, and featuring video and radio programs in the Crimean Tatar language. The project’s annual budget is expected to be UAH 100 million, with all of the funds being provided by private investors.