The Communist Party of Ukraine will not abandon its plans to conduct a nationwide referendum on Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union and will hold a new meeting of the initiative group, reports Ukrinform. The first secretary of the Donetsk regional committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Mykola Kravchenko, said this at a rally in Donetsk on Friday. "On September 28, we will repeat a meeting of the initiative group. The communists will soon strengthen the work on organizing an all-Ukrainian referendum, and for this purpose a respective instruction has been given to primary party organizations. We will hold the referendum [on Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union] in any case," Kravchenko said. As reported, the Central Election Commission on September 17 refused to register the initiative group on preparing for a referendum on Ukraine's entry into the Customs Union, since the legal procedure for its creation was violated.