This was stated at a press conference in Kyiv on August 31, which was attended by Andrey Ermolaev, Director of the ‘New Ukraine’ Institute for Strategic Studies, and Vitaliy Bala, Director of the Situations Modeling Agency.

- The error of the Ukrainian president was that he carried out unofficial political negotiations. This is more like a self-government simulation. And most likely a new political crisis is waiting for Ukrainians, said Andrey Ermolaev.

- Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc didn’t vote, therefore, everything depends on the local elections on October, 25. Since decentralization may be delayed, the DNR and LNR Russia-occupied regions can hold fake elections. In general, the Constitution cannot be changed during the war. Before us, nobody did it, said Vitaliy Bala.

- After voting all political forces in Ukraine will start blaming each other for playing into the hands of Putin. If we have a country of traitors, than the leaders are also traitors, said Bala.

According to Bala, the issue of decentralization will always be used in re-election technologies. Some areas will require a special status, especially Chernigov, Transcarpathia, Zaporizhye.

Ukrainian authorities aren’t ready to organize a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Experts believe that the government ought to conduct an open dialogue with the people and to negotiate with Russia in order to resolve all the sticking point.

- There are three solutions of a military conflict. The first - freezing the conflict, when everyone expects the West to sort out the problem. The second - Donbass rejection. Since the West does not help, the government does not know what to do next, and, thus it’s better to dissociate from the DNR and the LNR. Third - on equal terms with the Donbas as to reduce the humanitarian and economic crisis, said Andrey Ermolaev.

Political scientists also said were the elections not held in the Russia-occupied territories of Ukraine, the Abkhazian option would await Ukraine.

- The state should take care of migrants. After all, Ukraine is primarily a united nation, concluded Vitaliy Bala.