Close to hundred Automaidan cars went to the house of the Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko outside the city of Kiev as a part of “PoroShokin - the face of corruption” campaign, reported the activists on the Facebook page.

The rally is aimed to draw the President’s attention to the fact that the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin impedes reforming the prosecutor's office and the establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

MP Yegor Sobolev, MP and Donbas battalion commander Semen Semenchenko along with 10 cars of the battalion veterans have been noticed among the attendees.

Though unknown tried to block the activists’ way to the presidential residence with a bus and  passenger car, these obstacles have not stopped the rally participants. As of now, "Automaidan" is near the main gate to the Poroshenko’s house.

According to statement by Semyon Semenchenko on his Facebook page:

- No one comes out to the people. No one answers the door bell, though the external communication speaker turns on and a loud breathing may be heard on the other side. Presidential Administration either doesn't pick up the phone or plays fool. Tsegolko does not pick up the phone. Security does not know anything. The thugs meowed something into a camera and ran away. Apparently, we are not welcome here.

Photo: "Apostrophe", Semenchenko’s FB page.