KYIV (QHA) - Ukrainian opposition leader Yuriy Lutsenko says street protests in Kyiv have descended into violent clashes with police because President Viktor Yanukovych has failed to respond to the demands of peaceful demonstrators, RFE/RL reports. Speaking early on January 21 after another night of violent confrontation on the streets of the Ukrainian capital, Lutsenko – a former interior minister - said it may be too late for Yanukovych to negotiate with the opposition. As reported, Yanukovych on January 20 had called for dialogue and compromise with the country's political opposition. But opposition leaders are calling for Ukrainians across the country to travel to Kyiv and join the antigovernment protests. During the weekend, as police tried to enforce a court order banning mass protests in central Kyiv, the demonstrations turned into violent clashes with protesters hurling Molotov cocktails and police firing stun grenades in a failed effort to disperse the angry crowds.