Kyiv (QHA) -

Head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov spoke at EuroMaidan in Kyiv on December 15.

“I am proud that Crimean Tatars, keeping their dignity, almost in a half a century (after deportation-ed.) returned and still are returning to their homeland. I am proud that our compatriots -Ukrainians, together with all those who live in Ukraine, with dignity, build an independent European Ukrainian state. I am proud that together we are struggling for such state, which will have worthy conditions and rights for everyone who lives in it,” said head of Mejlis in his appeal to EuroMaidan.

He also addressed issue of territorial integrity of Ukraine and Crimea in particular:

“In Crimea they openly speak that if they do not like the government in Kyiv, they will hold a referendum in Crimea…Ukraine is one and undividable and we are its patriots.”

“Next year is the 70th anniversary of the genocide of Crimean Tatar people. I just say this to current authorities and to future authorities that will sure come to replace this government- that they have in mind that if they don’t take into account the dignity of people, people will fill the streets again,” concluded Chubarov.