In an interview aired by UA: First, invasion of Crimea was a matter of time.

“Russia was sending us clear signals: Get ready because we will come sooner or later! But back then Russia had other problems to attend to, such as two wars in Chechnya and unrest in the Caucuses. However, it sent signals that far back,” said Chubarov.

It was reported earlier that February 26 became a symbolic date and may be called the Day of Crimean Resistance to Russian Occupation. It was on that day that the largest rally against separatist sentiments at the Crimean Parliament and, given the way events unfolded, against occupation of Crimea.

The Russian Federation occupied Crimea in February-March 2014, calling a referendum of March 16 on joining Russia rigged. Most countries of the world did not recognize Crimea. To Ukraine, Crimea remains a temporarily occupied territory.