There are four power lines supplying Crimea with electricity: Melitopol-Jankoy, Kakhovka-Jankoy, Kakhovka-Ostrovskaya and Kakhovka-Titan. Each of the first three power lines is capable of outputting up to 650 mWt, thus providing the occupants with basically all the power they need, including the power they need for their military installations. Therefore, we could not let either of the three be put back online. As regards the fourth power line, i.e. Kakhovka-Titan, aka Kakhovka-Armyansk, it can output no more than 220 mWt. Built back in the Soviet times, it was designed to supply with electricity both Crimea and two districts of Ukraine’s Kherson region. Given that, we agreed to let it be put back online. Starting from tonight, Crimea is getting as little as 28% of the energy it was before November 22,” said Chubarov.

According to Chubarov, Ukraine cannot choose which facilities the 220 mWt will be supplied to.

“Whether the energy will be supplied to a Firtash-owned plant which needs 80 mWt daily, or the social infrastructure facilities in Crimea I cannot say, and neither can anybody else. By supplying electricity there, Ukraine is unfortunately unable to influence the way it is distributed among end users,” said Chubarov.