(QHA) -

Head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov has criticized the conference “On Crimean Tatar situation at the present stage”, organized by Crimean Tatar NGOs.

“This “conference” attended by Crimean Tatar dependent servants and representatives of small, notorious NGOs, that was arranged by Crimea’s de-facto authorities ahead of Parliament elections, to “discuss” Crimean Tatar situation, in fact is another attempt to split and sow confrontation in Crimean Tatar community” – Chubarov stated, adding that the list of participants was determined beforehand.

“Proposal of deputy head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Ahtem Chiygoz to speak at the “conference” was rejected by its organizers, among them Remzi Ilyasov and Zaur Smirnov”- Chubarov stressed.

On the day, the conference was held, Chubarov called on its participants “to have the temerity to protest against persecution against Crimean Tatar people, discrimination of Crimean Tatar children to study in native language, persecution of Muslims, ban on conducting mass holidays and ban to Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev, Head of Mejlis Refat Chubarov and Chubarov’s advisor on relations with Turkey Ismet Yuksel from entering Crimea”.