Refat Chubarov, Mejlis Chairman, congratulated Akhtem Chiygoz, Mejlis Deputy Chairman, on his 51st birthday which he is forced to spend in prison.

“Every single Crimean Tatar is proud of Akhtem Chiygoz. Thousands and thousands of his fellow Crimean Tatars and people of other nationalities rightfully call him their friend. Akhtem Chiygoz is known all over the world as a man of honor, courage and unbending will. He is spoken about by presidents, while his name is referred to at international meeting and negotiations, where the subject of Russia’s annexation of Crimea which caused Crimean Tatars new sufferings and made them face new threats is under discussion,” writes Chubarov on his Facebook page.

Chubarov goes on to say that ‘Akhtem Chiygoz is one of those who devoted himself selflessly to serving the Crimean Tatar people at a particularly difficult time they were struggling to return and settle down in their homeland. Today he is sacrificing himself so Crimea and Crimean Tatars could enjoy a free and dignified future’.

“On his birthday, we bow down low to Akhtem’s parents Zeitulla ag’a and Alie abla, who lived through the May 18, 1944 deportation, raising two daughters and two sons that have been with the Crimean Tatar national movement since their tender age.

We extend our support to Akhtem Chiygoz’s wife, children and grandchildren.

Together we will eradicate the evil of the Russian occupation in Crimea and help the Crimean Tatar people regain their freedom,” wrote the Mejlis Chairman.

Chubarov wished Akhtem Chiygoz and his family good health and well being, expressing his confidence that  all of the Crimean Tatar people will gather in free Crimea.

After being illegally arrested on January 29, 2015 for his involvement in the events of February 26, Akhtem Cjigoz has been in prison for nearly a year now. Separated from his family, friends and people, Akhtem ag’a has stoically endured searches, interrogations and arrest, thus giving us an example of dignity and courage.