Simferopol (QHA) - The Crimean Parliament practically ceased to exist as a representative body elected by all residents of Crimea. This was said by head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov on ATR TV channel, commenting a video message of the Presidium of the Crimean Parliament, released on December 11, 2013, reports press service of Mejlis. According to Chubarov, in a video address, all 13 members of Presidium of the Crimean Parliament headed by chairman of the Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov “openly proclaimed themselves the defenders of one (!) ethnic group, and as openly neglected the interests of all other residents of Crimea”. As reported, following mass protests in support of European integration of Ukraine, the Presidium of the Crimean Parliament released a video address to Crimean citizens, in which it openly opposed pro-Euro protests and said that thus the autonomous status of Crimea is at risk. It called on Crimeans to defend it. «We believe that 'destructive processes' will affect, first of all, Crimea and its status of autonomous republic. We risk to lose everything we have achieved for the years of existence of our republic. They will deprive us of the right to speak, write and study in the native for the majority of Crimeans Russian language," said the address of the Presidium. "Only together can we defend our common future in Crimea. The Autonomy is in danger! Be prepared to stand up to her defense!" – said the statement.