As the QHA (Crimean News Agency) reported earlier, the Mejlis members announced the formation of the Crimea Tatar battalion, which is expected to join the Ukraine’s Armed Forces. The information evoked a wide public response and was actively supported by the Ukrainian patriots. A statement on battalion creation stirred up a lot of discussions that touched upon the maintenance of the new formation. Among the possible ideas advanced was that the battalion will obtain foreign assistance.

Refat Chubarov cast light upon this issue on his Facebook page:

- On the "Crimean", "Crimean Tatar" or "Muslim" battalion ....

Ukrainian citizens of different nationalities and faiths bravely fought in the ranks of  the volunteer battalions that in spring - summer of 2014 stopped a large-scale attack by Russian militants in Donetsk and Lugansk regions and thereby foiled Putin's plans to establish a so-called New Russia. Of course, the Crimean Tatars also were part of the Ukrainian batallions, some of them were killed or went missing ...

Constant communication with the men who have survived the crucible in ATO area, analysis of combat experience of volunteer battalions with the Ukrainian citizens of different faiths being among them, let me and my colleagues launch the initiative to create a military unit that will be part of either the Ukraine’s Armed Forces or Ukrainian Interior Ministry. The unit will provide some elementary conditions basing on several factors. For example, it will include clerics of different faiths, comply with well-known requirements for military food (halal / kosher) and introduce a "dry" law ...

In addition, analyzing the experience of volunteer battalions we see that the existence of a special motivation among the fighters also plays an important role in increasing their combat capability ... This motivation is the bitterness the soldiers from Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions feel when see their native lands controlled by Russian militants and militarists. The soldiers crave for speedy de-occupation of Crimea, expulsion of terrorists and restoration of peace in Donbas, as well as to return home and reunite with their loved ones.

In fact, these and other reasons, which are relevant to be discussed among military professionals, provided the basis of the initiatives to create a special unit that following discussions in the media was called the "Crimean Tatar", "Muslim" or "Crimean" battalion.

This initiative is now being considered by various headquarters. However, even today we can positively say that this military unit will be neither mono-ethnic nor mono-religious, but these factors will be carefully taken into account while organizing the personnel leisure and service.

- This unit will be formed as part of the Ukraine’s Armed Forces or the Ukraine's Internal Affairs Ministry with all the attendant circumstances including those relating to its financial and military support.

Correspondingly, the initiators of the Crimean battalion did not ask and did not plan to ask foreign countries for assistance in its maintenance.