Addressing a 12th meeting of the YES (Yalta European Strategy) forum, Refat Chubarov voiced his firm conviction that Crimea would soon be brought back under Ukrainian jurisdiction.

“I don’t think we’ll have to wait too long to see it happen. However, we must take urgent steps to ensure the peninsula is Ukrainian again because a European people, i.e. Crimean Tatars, live there. They stood out, en masse, against Russian occupation and for that they are being made to suffer now,” Chubarov said.

The Mejlis Chairman fears there will be no native Crimean Tatar population left in Crimea if it takes longer than 10 years for the peninsula to be part of Ukraine again.

On March 16, 2014, an unlawful referendum took place in Crimea following which Russia announced the annexation of the peninsula. Held with numerous violations, the referendum was not recognized anywhere in the world except Russia.

At an August 19 meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the need to tighten security along the administrative border of the Crimean peninsula.