In an interview with QHA, Mejlis Chairman Refat Chubarov talks about a new cycle of reprisals against Crimean Tatars, and more specifically, against Lenur Islyamov.

According to Chubarov, a fresh wave of reprisals launched simultaneously in Simferopol and Moscow by the Russian authorities followed a seemingly pre-planned scenario.

“Reprisals are the Russian authorities’ way of responding to a stance taken by Lenur Islyamov, a civil activist and Vice President of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars. He is also one of the people responsible for organizing a civil blockade of Crimea. The searches conducted at his and his relatives’ places, in his company’s offices and at homes of journalists who were previously employed at ATR are due to the fact that these people did not put up with the occupation and are openly opposed to what the occupation authorities are doing,” said Chubarov.

According to Chubarov, it is futile to seek rational explanation for Russia’s actions because Russian President Vladimir Putin himself is ignoring international and Russian laws.

“They have initiated a criminal case against me for what I said about things happening in Crimea on one of Ukrainian TV channels. According to the Russian authorities, I am posing a threat to them after that,” Mejlis Chairman said commenting on an absurd case fabricated against him by the Russian authorities.

Chubarov believes Russia will continue its aggressive behavior unless it is stopped by a united coalition of democratic nations.

“Being a human being, Lenur Islyamov cannot help being worried about his relatives but he is taking it like a man. He cannot but follow the road he has been following – the one of justice that will eventually take him to his homeland,” concluded Refat Chubarov.