The defendants in the so-called ‘February 26’ case were not brought to the courtroom, writes Nikolay Polozov, Akhtem Chiygoz’s lawyer, on his Twitter page.

“Chiygoz, Asanov and Degermedzho were not brought to the court room. Proceedings are being conducted via videoconferencing. Chiygoz is outraged. We’ll be lodging a motion to have him brought to the courtroom,” reads the message.

According to Polozov, Chiygoz was not brought to the courtroom because of a statement he made the other day.

“After Chiygoz delivered a statement at the last hearing, they decided not to bring him to the courtroom anymore. The judges just won’t let the defendants be brought to the courtroom. They suggested that the defendants keep in touch with their lawyers via videoconferencing. A 30-minute break,” writes Polozov.

Zair Smedlyayev, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Kurultay, commented on the situation by posting a message on his Facebook page.

“I do not understand why the judges cite Russia’s Kamchatka region as a reason for holding a hearing via videoconferencing! Pavlenko is hardly a kilometer away from Dzyubanov, so what’s stopping them from having him brought to the courtroom!? The defendants are being denied a chance to talk to their lawyers in private,” Smedlyayev writes on his Facebook page.

At 12 a.m. a court of appeals is to hear an appeal filed against a March 11 decision extending pre-trial detention term of  Akhtem Chiygoz, Ali Asanov and Mustafa Degermendzhi until April 11, 2016.