The lawyer posted a detailed digest of the hearing into the February 26 case on his Facebook page.

“The area on Pavlenko street in Simferopol was cordoned off. The court building was fenced with metal barriers with only two inspection poins - at the entrance to the court building and at the entrance to the courtroom. Inside the court building, all the visitors who wanted to get into the courtroom were captured on video by police officers (presumably for further transmission of footages to the FSS operatives – Russia’s Federal Security Service),” Polozov wrote.

He also shared the information as for the satisfied and rejected petitions.

“Only two petitions have been satisfied by the court today: the first - submitted by the advocate of the defendant Kantemirov on the admission of medical records (Kantemirov needs operation) and the second - submitted by the advocate of the defendant Asanov on the admission of his wife as an advocate in the process. Petitions for ensuring publicity of the trial, the organization of broadcasting in neighboring rooms (because a small courtroom of 40-50 square meters was crowded with people - over 80 people at a time), as well as petitions for reclamation of information from the register of criminal cases of Ukraine and termination of criminal proceedings against the defendant Degermendzhy were rejected by the court.” posted the lawyer.

According to him, while the court was passing judgment in the conference room, the relatives and supporters of the defendants and victims, members of the "people's militia", were actively discussing the "national question."

“During the a pause in the court hearing, Ahtem Chiygoz made a statement on the national issue from the cell were he and the two more defendants were all the day. Ahtem Chiygoz said that the Crimean Tatars have never been against the Russian-speaking population of Crimea - ‘Our confrontation has always been against various authorities, but never against the Russian or Ukrainian nation’,” Nikolai Polozov wrote.

Just a reminder: The arrest of Chiygoz, Asanov and Degermendzhy was extended to March 8, 2016. The next hearing into the case will begin at 13:00 on Wednesday, January 27.

Photo: Internet