AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Leader of the Majlis of Crimean Tatar nation Mustafa Cemil has stated three persons can pretend to his post, ZN.UA. reported.
Thus, M. Cemil calls Refat Çubar, Remzi İlâs and Ahtem Çiygöz.
At the same time, he noted he would help to newly-elected chairman at the beginning. “Of course, I shall be side by side, I shall not go away far from the Majlis. The main thing is for me that the system works, so that activities of the Majlis do not depend on an individual. Because many foes think that two or three dinosaurs will fade from the scene and it (the Majlis – ed.) will be tame. This will not happen”, - M. Cemil said.
Mr. Cemil informed the Qurultay (National Congress – ed.) will elect the new chairman most likely in August. “The elections of delegates of the Qurultay will finish in the end of June but since the Ramadan Month will begin after determination of the results, I think, the Qurultay session will be in August”, - he informed.
The Crimean Tatar leader called names of three possible candidates for the position of the Majlis Chairman.
“This is Refat Çubar, Remzi İlâs and Ahtem Çiygöz, though the last will agree hardly because he knows his own temper.
If only the business acumen of Refat Çubar and Remzi İlâs is combined into one. İlâs is the very good organizer but it is not publicly exposed person, does not make speeches, is not a diplomat. And Refat has another shortcoming: he wants to do everything himself and when he does not have time, he flares up”, - Mr. Cemil told.
M. Cemil also stressed his resignation connects nowise with the tragedy happened in his family. “This situation does not break down me. I am going to leave the post of the head of the Majlis in any case. It generally known that the new chairman will be elected in the forthcoming Qurultay. Therefore, this can not be explained I shall leave for this tragic event: my resignation is planned long before”, - he emphasized.
It would be recollected that the son of Mustafa Cemil – Hayser killed recklessly a man by the carabine on May 27. Hayser Cemil is arrested and stays in the isolation ward.